Snow by William Harrison

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The immense variety and individuality of wolves offers us an opportunity to see the true complexity of life. At least this complexity will require us to design responses to wolves that entertain their wide range of character and their striking likenesses to ourselves. Wolves require us to look at the world through science and spirit simultaneously and to integrate thought and feeling. If we can do that, there is hope, not just for wolves but humankind.

—Peter Steinhart,  The Company of Wolves

(drawing: Snow © by William Harrison—from Wolf Nation,  a  Merloyd Lawrence Book, Da Capo Press)


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Our September Show was a Success!

September at the The Santa Cruz Food Lounge has been a successful and rewarding experience. A wonderful opening with live painting by Elijah, music by Lorna, Yellowstone stories of wolves by Mark, hostess and help from Janice and Patrice and great food from My Mom’s Mole and beverages served by Sally and Andrea and a den for the wolves.

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Wolf Benefit Heroes and Heroines: Wolves in our Midst
from Nanda Currant on Vimeo

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