About the Project

Heroes and Heroines: Wolves In Our Midst

Wolves are under threat. This last week the administration has gutted the  endangered species act so wolves are more vulnerable to being killed along with many other predators but to also end further protection by de-listing wolves as an endangered species which includes every wolf in the lower 48 states would be a devastating blow to wolf recovery needs to be halted. As artists we are taking a different direction to help wolves.

We would do well to expand our narrow view of wolves, and to portray them with the wisdom, humor, and the dignity they deserve. Toward this aim, a group of concerned professional artists have organized a show and benefit on behalf of wolves.

This project was initiated to safeguard their protection. Our event will educate and inspire the public to support the plight of wolves and help with constructive policy on their behalf.

The show will portray the story of wolves in visual art, film and literature. The theme focuses on “Heroes and Heroines: Wolves in Our Midst,” introducing legendary wolves in history and contemporary wolves of today. We did our first venues in July and September will be our largest endeavor.

Our gallery “wall” will be hung with art and story, not as a barrier but a corridor for wolves where they are free to roam in both our imagination and in our landscape.

This event is timely since this year in California all of the Shasta Pack and the famous OR7/Journey, a legend in his own time are missing but three pups of the Lassen Pack have appeared this June. The event brings visibility to these and other wolves so they do not disappear in the background and  provides important information to our audience.

In order to accomplish our goals, we need help. Any donation amount would be appreciated. All proceeds from this benefit will be used to further the cause of wolves.

Please visit the gofundme page for the Heroes and Heroines Project.  A portion of the proceeds will go to The Center for Biological Diversity (Wolf Protection Fund).  A huge thank you to those who have donated already!

artwork shown:  “Just Looking” © by Nanda Currant /  Nanda’s Website