End of year update

Our virtual campaign since October has raised another $600 for wolves from our virtual art show and donations. 

You can buy art for the holidays from our virtual show or make an offer for something you like. There is also a video link with a film that includes all the artists in our campaign. Please contact me for further information on work that interests you or to learn more about the artist.

Our funds continue to support the litigation work at CBD (Center for Biological Diversity) and educational outreach at LWW (Living with Wolves) needed to put the wolves back on the endangered species list so they have federal protection and not state management. 

Hunting season begins in January. Presently in Idaho hunters and US Department of Agriculture are killing defenseless pups at their dens. Records at the Department of Fish and Game show that this past spring at least, twenty-two wolf pups between 2 and 11 weeks old, were killed. The story is tragic and inhumane.

 “Known to be particularly brutal in the way Idaho manages its wolves, Idaho is an alarming illustration of what other states could do now that wolves are delisted. In a twelve month period 2019–2020, 573 wolves were killed in Idaho. The state’s wolf population was estimated at about 1,000 animals at the end of 2019. This is a staggering percentage of the total population.”

We need to secure better protection for wildlife, and negotiate non-lethal means. We are rapidly moving away from a sustainable planet for ourselves by treating nature as our commodity.

The Good news is Colorado passed a bill to reintroduce wolves to their state by a narrow margin but a victory on behalf of wolves and hopefully a more favorable administration this January will build a trend in a more healing direction.

Artwork : Save a Wolf by Caia Koopman

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