Wolf In Our Midst

Wolf 93 is just 88 miles from where we live. He is now in farm land in San Benito County where there are deer and feral pigs but also ranch land. He is on the news and I hope the attention protects him. It is important we let our governor know we see the wolf and want him safe.

This wolf has traveled a great distance to enter California and to find a mate. He has crossed a major highway demonstrating once again we need corridors to assure the migratory routes for wolves just like we need for birds to move safely each season and find places to feed and survive.

Right now, the good news is the fact is we have a wolf in our midst.

At this time in other states the story of wolf has been tragic in the news with needless killing in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Wisconsin. The laws for trapping are lax and cruel, and small interest groups hold a large presence that influence our agencies in the killing of wolves, wolf pups and packs that are trying to create a legacy of recovery.

We need now more than ever to contact these states, including our own state of California to let them know how important wolves are to our environment and future.

I depend on the Center for Biological Diversity for good information but there are many organizations who support species wisdom and recovery. I write letters to the editor of articles I read or movies that refer to wolves, and to legislators. I write in a manner that is not insulting them but telling them what matters to me and why.

Please do the same.

The Wolf Project continues to sell art to raise funds for protection and recovery. As an artist I continue to be fascinated with them. So much great work out there and proud to say 3,300 wildlife photographers signed a petition to protect wolves in these states. Some of them have been part of the art shows we have done to help wolves. Art saves lives.

“The Central Coast can now call itself home to a Gray Wolf at least for now. Wandering wolf OR-93 crossed into San Benito County over the weekend after traversing the Central Valley and crossing Interstate 5 in what wolf biologists are calling a remarkable journey.” KSBW News 3/29/2021. Read the full story…

artwork ©2021 by Nanda Currant

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