End of April Brings Bills and Debts, and a Wolf in Our Midst

This week Idaho proposed a bill to kill 90% of its wolves. Over a thousand wolves will die if B1211 is not opposed by their Governor. The bill is ill advised and opens the door to lethal and inhumane means that not only destroy the lives of wolves but other wildlife. The  bill continues along a path of continued environmental degradation taking us further from a healthy future  for ourselves and the loss of needed recovery for wolves. By diminishing protection for keystone predators vital for a strong ecosystem we are going backwards. We are creating a debt to our country that we may never be able to repay. 

We recently lost in a three days over two hundred wolves in Wisconsin miscalculating wolf counts during a recent hunt that far exceeded any necessary balance in the wolf population. State management is not working, wolves need to be federally protected and we must support another direction. Our art work supports the work necessary to aide and protect wolf recovery and this on going campaign. (Below are watercolors on wood panels by Nanda Currant.) View art on our site and take a wolf home or donate to our campaign and speak up for wolves. Also we have a wolf in our midst, OR 93, may he find safety and a mate on his journey in California. He has traveled over 1000 miles to date.

Art by Nanda Currant © 2021

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