The War on Wolves

Presently we are focused on the Afghan War and the funds that have been spent in vain as the troops leave the country as the old rulers move in again. There remains the suffering of those caught in the crossfire and the brutality of the past threatening the future of the present. Many have felt the progress possible to live in another way being destroyed.

Right now I witness wolves being killed making decades of work and effort lost in a few months, and watch an old rule that is no longer viable move to the foreground. There is much rhetoric around the topic of global health and climate change, and the in the Department of the Interior there is the emphasis on ‘America the Beautiful’ without bringing predators and especially wolves as important factors and species that influence greatly the possibility of global health and beauty in our world. 

I do not see wolves being put back onto the ‘Endangered Species List’ and  watch how federal funds that are  for protecting wildlife being used to hire people to kill wildlife in the most inhumane methods to date. 

We are recolonizing the west in the ways we did before where we wipe out what is indigenous and whatever is in our way for our own short term gains that take precedence over the wisdom present in the species that surround us and the life in front of us. 

We are blindsided by our politics of place and who owns it, how it can be used for profit without purpose.

This site below created and constructed by various groups through the Center for Biological Diversity lists petitions to sign and people to contact. 
If you know about wolves I bet you will learn more on the four podcasts on this site by Animalia but you also can skip to the last or four segments to understand what the issues are presently.

Please weigh in and contact Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland and President Biden, write places you may love to go to in the states that are causing this pain and ask others you may know in those places to speak up for wolves to view this site.

We sold two more pieces of art and the funds were given to protect wolves. Both of these pieces are for sale if you want to take a wolf home.

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