Total Recall

Sanity prevails in California with the recall stopped and our Governor remaining in office but today we have another recall to consider as the hunt begins in Montana. We must recall how far we have gone to help wolves in Yellowstone and wolves around the country and realize what is at stake if the Montana hunt continues to move into the foreground as we lose wolves in the background.

I have attached the link to this well done article at the ‘Mountain Journal’ about the travesty wolves face in Montana and the potential effect on Yellowstone wolves especially the Junction Butte Pack in the Eastern part of the state.

Let them know you appreciate their good work in reporting — here is the article: Montana Defiantly Puts Yellowstone Wolves In Its Crosshairs

At the same time this wonderful artist DJ Cleland-Hura ( was on Instagram and I asked if I could post some of his art he created of wolves. I think they bring to mind the importance of pack, the dignity of the wolf and their relationship to the landscape.

We must continue to push President Biden and Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland to do something now to put them back on the Endangered Species List and counter the plans in front of us in Montana.

Decades of research could be lost in Yellowstone by carrying out these plans but also we would witness a further degradation of our humanity and a blow to pact survival.

We can lose the stability of the species.

© 2021 artwork by DJ Cleland-Hura