Our September Show was a Success!

September at the The Santa Cruz Food Lounge has been a successful and rewarding experience. A wonderful opening with live painting by Elijah, music by Lorna, Yellowstone stories of wolves by Mark, hostess and help from Janice and Patrice and great food from My Mom’s Mole and beverages served by Sally and Andrea and a den for the wolves.

We raised significant funds for the wolf fund distributed to organizations doing important work for wolf protection and to safeguard the ESA and met hundreds of people in the course of the month dialoguing and sharing stories of legendary wolves.

We still have work for sale you can view in the vimeo video or contact Nanda at hearth@cruzio.com. We would like to put up a large 4’x4′ oil painting ‘Looking Closer’ by Robert Hines during the weeks to come with information about how to help wolves and our environment. Bring a wolf home for the holidays.

Painting by Robert Hines
Looking Closer by Robert Hines

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