Benefit Art Show

Santa Cruz Food Lounge
1001 Center Street #1
Downtown Santa Cruz, CA

September 5th–30th

Open 7am–8pm daily (on Sundays the best viewing time is before 11am or after  1pm)

Enjoy beautiful wolf related artworks by over 20 artists living locally, around the country and the world! Art will be for sale to benefit the wolves.

We envision the show as a corridor where wolves and our imagination can free roam to celebrate their presence in our midst.

The official opening was Friday, September 6th, 2019, 5–9pm. We had a good turnout and enjoyed hearing from Mark Miller who told tales of Yellowstone wolves and his photography, visiting with ambassador wolfdogs Ember and his clan, along with:

  • Food from My Mom’s Mole
  • Music by Lorna Kohler from Wishbone Drum
  • Introduction to Heroes and Heroines Art Project
  • Artwork, cards & t-shirts for sale

The show will be up thru the month of September!

“The wolf needs storytellers.”    ∼ Brenda Peterson, Wolf Nation

Be sure to check in to the website during the month of September to see the date for our Family Day, focusing on art in service of the wild. Come draw and write about your wolf!

artwork shown:  “Mia Tuk” © by Nanda Currant / Nanda’s Website