Update for Wolves in Our Midst

Spring is nearly here, and the wolves need our help more than ever. They have young to protect so they can flourish.

Our focus is on elections but in the background groups are working hard to support bills in congress to help wolves, such as building a corridor for wildlife in Colorado, and a lawsuit  by NRDC, CBD that stops the destruction of years of work to care for Endangered Species Act and protect its content. Trump plans to open up hunting of wolves this month and lower the protections by watering down and amending the Endangered Species Act.

The Wolf Fund intends to put on a show in the Aptos, California for wolf protection and to continue to address the extinction crisis in front of us.

Winter has been hard, but new pups have been born in Yellowstone, and Northern California pups are growing.

Artists that want to join in to our efforts should get in touch with this site about sharing their professional efforts to depict wolves in any medium. Email hearth@cruzio.com

(Photo by Tim Fitzharris at Art.com)

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