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The next Event  For Wolves and our Wildlife Refuges is Friday, May 8 at 7pm, for our virtual show ‘Wolves in the Midst.’ We go virtual on Instagram at @firstfridaysantacruz and #virtualfirstfridaysc .

There is a recent plan to to open wild life refuges for hunting after the pandemic has eased. Bernhardt, the Secretary of the Interior said opening up more national wildlife refuges so that hunters can go after wolves, bears, mountain  lions, bighorn sheep, birds and even alligators would give people something to look forward to when the pandemic passes. 

Wolves in Washington State only increased 11% and yet the whole Profanity Pack was shot and killed. We are not providing adequate recovery for wolves.  We are in this pandemic because of the impact on the environment and the destruction of our keystone species who  are needed to create a healthy environment.

In Alaska the wolves the Tongass National Forest may have almost been wiped out. In the most recent trapping season at least 165 wolves were killed out of a population estimated at 170. This attack on wildlife cannot stand—these wolves need to be protected.

We cannot let this happen in the background and watch the Endangered Species Act be dismantled.

Enjoy the art, and learn more about work being done to protect and bring more to life not less. 

Please join us and log in to Instagram on Friday, May 8th, 7pm at @firstfridaysantacruz

Artwork of three wolves by Nanda Currant
Last Run by Nanda Currant

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