Raising funds for the Wolves—a Virtual Show

Miatuk and Friends Painting

In honor of Wolf Awareness Week in October I have activated the gofundme campaign for wolf protection we created before the pandemic.


As another part of our efforts on behalf of wolves, ‘Be Heart Now,’ has helped create a virtual art show online at https://www.beheartnow.com/saveourwolves.

People can either donate to gofundme or buy art from our virtual show or do both! There is also a video of other artists in our project, and if something interests you, we can connect you with them.

All proceeds help support the work being done to halt decisions in this administration to undo wolf protection, and to stop the unnecessary and merciless killing of wolves.

Keystone predators, such as wolves, create an environment that shifts climate change away from a pandemic world. Wolves are amazing animals we cannot afford to lose.

Article “Why the Fight for Wolves Matters

Virtual Art Show: https://www.beheartnow.com/saveourwolves

Gofundme: https://www.gofundme.com/f/3sdus3-heroes-and-heroines-wolves-in-our-midst

Video of benefit artwork: https://vimeo.com/362938604

artwork: Miatuk and Friends by Nanda Currant

Virtual First Friday on Instagram

The next Event  For Wolves and our Wildlife Refuges is Friday, May 8 at 7pm, for our virtual show ‘Wolves in the Midst.’ We go virtual on Instagram at @firstfridaysantacruz and #virtualfirstfridaysc .

There is a recent plan to to open wild life refuges for hunting after the pandemic has eased. Bernhardt, the Secretary of the Interior said opening up more national wildlife refuges so that hunters can go after wolves, bears, mountain  lions, bighorn sheep, birds and even alligators would give people something to look forward to when the pandemic passes. 

Wolves in Washington State only increased 11% and yet the whole Profanity Pack was shot and killed. We are not providing adequate recovery for wolves.  We are in this pandemic because of the impact on the environment and the destruction of our keystone species who  are needed to create a healthy environment.

In Alaska the wolves the Tongass National Forest may have almost been wiped out. In the most recent trapping season at least 165 wolves were killed out of a population estimated at 170. This attack on wildlife cannot stand—these wolves need to be protected.

We cannot let this happen in the background and watch the Endangered Species Act be dismantled.

Enjoy the art, and learn more about work being done to protect and bring more to life not less. 

Please join us and log in to Instagram on Friday, May 8th, 7pm at @firstfridaysantacruz

Artwork of three wolves by Nanda Currant
Last Run by Nanda Currant

Update for Wolves in Our Midst

By Tim Fitzharris

Spring is nearly here, and the wolves need our help more than ever. They have young to protect so they can flourish.

Our focus is on elections but in the background groups are working hard to support bills in congress to help wolves, such as building a corridor for wildlife in Colorado, and a lawsuit  by NRDC, CBD that stops the destruction of years of work to care for Endangered Species Act and protect its content. Trump plans to open up hunting of wolves this month and lower the protections by watering down and amending the Endangered Species Act.

The Wolf Fund intends to put on a show in the Aptos, California for wolf protection and to continue to address the extinction crisis in front of us.

Winter has been hard, but new pups have been born in Yellowstone, and Northern California pups are growing.

Artists that want to join in to our efforts should get in touch with this site about sharing their professional efforts to depict wolves in any medium. Email hearth@cruzio.com

(Photo by Tim Fitzharris at Art.com)

Wolves in Our Midst — Take a Wolf Home for the Holidays

Snow Pack by Bill Harrison

Come see the show Wolves in Our Midst at Nectar Creations and take a Wolf home for the holidays!

Nectar Creations • 330 Ingalls Street, Santa Cruz

November thru December 6th First Friday

This traveling show of twenty five artists will visit Amy Wolfe’s store for November (extended thru Dec 6th — First Friday!). There will be prints, books, photos, and original art for sale to help further the cause to protect and learn about wolves.

Come see the unique portraits of legendary and contemporary wolves by artists that are local and beyond.

Our September Show was a Success!

September at the The Santa Cruz Food Lounge has been a successful and rewarding experience. A wonderful opening with live painting by Elijah, music by Lorna, Yellowstone stories of wolves by Mark, hostess and help from Janice and Patrice and great food from My Mom’s Mole and beverages served by Sally and Andrea and a den for the wolves.

We raised significant funds for the wolf fund distributed to organizations doing important work for wolf protection and to safeguard the ESA and met hundreds of people in the course of the month dialoguing and sharing stories of legendary wolves.

We still have work for sale you can view in the vimeo video or contact Nanda at hearth@cruzio.com. We would like to put up a large 4’x4′ oil painting ‘Looking Closer’ by Robert Hines during the weeks to come with information about how to help wolves and our environment. Bring a wolf home for the holidays.

Painting by Robert Hines
Looking Closer by Robert Hines

Benefit Art Show

Santa Cruz Food Lounge
1001 Center Street #1
Downtown Santa Cruz, CA

September 5th–30th

Open 7am–8pm daily (on Sundays the best viewing time is before 11am or after  1pm)

Enjoy beautiful wolf related artworks by over 20 artists living locally, around the country and the world! Art will be for sale to benefit the wolves.

We envision the show as a corridor where wolves and our imagination can free roam to celebrate their presence in our midst.

The official opening was Friday, September 6th, 2019, 5–9pm. We had a good turnout and enjoyed hearing from Mark Miller who told tales of Yellowstone wolves and his photography, visiting with ambassador wolfdogs Ember and his clan, along with:

  • Food from My Mom’s Mole
  • Music by Lorna Kohler from Wishbone Drum
  • Introduction to Heroes and Heroines Art Project
  • Artwork, cards & t-shirts for sale

The show will be up thru the month of September!

“The wolf needs storytellers.”    ∼ Brenda Peterson, Wolf Nation

Be sure to check in to the website during the month of September to see the date for our Family Day, focusing on art in service of the wild. Come draw and write about your wolf!

artwork shown:  “Mia Tuk” © by Nanda Currant / Nanda’s Website